when I am inspiring, challenging, and empowering people, whether from a stage, sitting in a circle, or having honest face-to-face conversations. I believe transformation happens through strengthening our self-awareness, taking full responsibility for creating the life of our dreams, and addressing old issues that hold us back, head on, with a changed mindset and forward-moving behavior.

I am a licensed psychotherapist, with expertise in Relational Leadership, and Founder and CEO of a small business. Being a member for 38 years of the oldest family name in Chicago pizza, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, I helped us receive the Top Workplace Award from the Chicago Tribune for six consecutive years, as determined by our 3200+ employees.  Believing this ‘secret recipe’ needed to be shared with the world, I began my own company in 2012, The Culture Group, where I teach and train individuals and teams simple, practical, yet profound communication tools and conscious leadership principles that, when applied, bring immediate positive results to the health of a workplace culture.

While in South Africa 8 years ago, with my two adult daughters, my life mission was born: seeing and loving unsuspecting individuals via little pewter hearts. It was then that Spreading Hearts was created, and is now an international movement where over 25 thousand small pewter hearts have been spread to individuals around the world letting them know they are valued, seen, and loved. (spreadinghearts.org)